SCADA Training


DAY 1#

  • Introduction Wireless System
  • Selecting Frequency
  • Setting up Ethernet Wireless modem
  • Wireless System Analyzing
  • Troubleshooting Ethernet Wireless System

DAY 2#

  • Setting up RS232 Wireless modem
  • RS232 Wireless System Analyzing
  • Troubleshooting RS232 Wireless System
  • Setting up Modbus RS232 Wireless modem
  • Modbus RS232 Wireless System Analyzing
  • Troubleshooting Modbus RS232 Wireless

DAY 3#

  • Setting up Modbus RS485 Wireless modem
  • Modbus RS485 Wireless System Analyzing
  • Troubleshooting Modbus RS485 Wireless

The objective of this course is to help delegates identify, prevent and fix common industrial data communications problems focusing on the SCADA System. The focus is “outside the box”, with the emphasis on practical’s that go beyond the typical communications issues and theories.
The course focus is on providing delegates with the necessary toolkit of skills to solve industrial data communication problems where SCADA is used.

To complete this course successfully, students must have the following prerequisites:

  • Ability to perform basic Microsoft Windows_ tasks, such as, use a mouse, browse for files, and open, close, size and move windows
  • Knowledge of basic ladder logic instructions (bit, timer, counter, etc.) through previous training and/or personal experience
  • Knowledge of addressing of Controllogix, PLC5 and SLC500 PLC.

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